creative technology — it’s all in the game

creative technology — it’s all in the game

Having done with the accreditation, which means we’re in, it is still worthwhile to look back, and see where we are going, to assess what our goals are, and find the direction(s) to move towards that horizon, which somehow always seem to be moving with us. To resolve the tension between the creative and technical talents and aspirations in all of us, we strive for flexibility and unity, and more than before rely on game technology, to develop animations fornanotechnology, and visualisations of support provided by telemedicine.
In a more general fashion, however, game development may be seen as an effective way to support scenario-driven design, and in my opinion the new media track, complementing smart technology, should provide the means with which students can effectively investigate (playful) applications of technology to emulate or support players’ superpowers, where superpowers explicitly include the enrichments that result from innovations in technology.
In a more playful setting, therefore, we will continue our explorations in CA3: have fun and play!, in which the theme will be interactive space(s), using ideas from interaction design, that we hope to extend to the coming Gogbot festival, which is entitled — the singularity is near — commenting on the exponential growth of technology, human body enhancement(s), transhumanism, etcetera, which at the face of it seem to be all suitable topics for the CTSG! However, let me remind you: to reach the moon, looking is not enough.

Posted on Mar 13.10 by AE to New Media


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