gamification(s) — urban run(s)

inspired by the figure running app, presented in a lecture by Jeroen van Maastright (at the gconfnl), who even used that to produce his own fonts, I did an experiment with my galaxy note, to set my signature using urban run(s):

Indeed, it took me several attempts, first forgetting to push the start button, then taking the wrong route twice, and not being satified with my first succesfull attempt(s), doing it once more. Now, you may calculate how many calories that took!

Apart from the exercise, which I need anyway, this is part of my exploration(s) in the context of mobile AR, with as a motto augment (y)our reality!

The next step, obviously, would be to have a GoPro HERO (black), to record the view as well, and enable what we might call a replay, and include urban run(s) in serious game(s) … Æ


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