interactive visualization – art is what you can get away with

With this quote of Andy Warhol, we started our moodboard election(s).
After voting, the ranking (of the top three) was:
(1) Vesso Vitanov — Elevator to heaven – E for elevator call and room exit
(2) Sven Dekker — Link – control with mouse and arrowkeys (and wasd)
(3) Wouter Deenik — but I don’t know if I have time to finish it
Well-deserved winners, but not discrediting the other submissions, covering as it were all possible colors and techniques, including 2D slanted text scrolls, side scrollers, terrain maps, cubic buildings, billboards, etc. Have a look for yourself, after installing the unity web player.
Now, for the students that did not yet submit, according to the rule(s) of the game, that is something you cannot get away with, as it leads to the wrong end of the hallo of (f/sh)ame!

Posted on May 09.11 by AE to EducationNew MediaStudent Work


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