observation(s) — (the) process is (part of the) product

observation(s) — (the) process is (part of the) product

after reading the art of innovation and change by design books from IDEO, it became clear to me that we had to improve our process to improve ourpractice(s), that is start using the Smart XP not only as a theatre but also as a studio, and develop a culture of design thinking, in order to meet our promises of solving problems of the future(s), for which we have to use all ourimagination(s) and skill(s). However, as I also learned from the rework book, we must not only go step by step, but, in a way, also learn to scratch our own itch, and promote our work in suitable ways, including interactive spectacle(s)in the Smart XP, an installation of, say, 4x4x2.5, at Gogbot, in the centre of Enschede, 9-11 september 2010, but also by means of twitter(s), and (micro)social network(s), such as the one for the CTSG, which in a way (should) become part of the product we deliver, showing our creativity in  If you wonder what this is all about, check out the common(s) for create.

Posted on Apr 28.10 by AE to EducationNew Media


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