project(s) — interactive video(s)

project(s) — interactive video(s)

In the we create identity course, the students produced interactive video(s), loosely based on suggested themes, using the ximpel platform.
The resulting productions are listed below:
Nature — website / trailer / interactive video
Banana’s — website / trailer / interactive video
Reality interacts Gaming — website / trailer / interactive video
((Ir)Responsible) Use of Media — website / trailer / interactive video
2Busy2Live — website / trailer / interactive video
Aliens invasion — website / trailer / interactive video
climate — website / trailer / interactive video
Communication/Climate (BusjeKomtZo) — website / interactive video
Urban Mayhem — website / trailer / interactive video
Explore the common(s) for more insight in the making of.
The productions were shown in an exhibit in Smart XP, of which you may get an impression from Herjan’s photo gallery.

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