reflection(s) — ambient screen(s) & the game layer(s)

reflection(s) — ambient screen(s) & the game layer(s)

In the ambient screen(s) project, the second year creative technology students reflected on what screens mean in their lives, for example how much time they spent looking at it per day (nine hours on average), how much screens they collectively possessed and what main activity screens served for (among which, not surprisingly, entertainment had the highest rank). Further they explored the technologies that may be used to manipulate screens, in information exchange and (naturally) games, including the android SDK and the (at that time new)kinect, which resulted in (among) others a gesture-driven tetris game, and a multi-user game usign QR codes, to connect to a shared virtual environment made with unity, for which the server was programmed in node.js. Together with the interactive videos of the first year students, the results will be shown at the forthcoming twentebiennale, 12-22 may 2011.
Further reflection(s) on the function of screen in our society learned that screens are the most dominant persuasive technology, and the question(s) arose: what can we do with screens to change behavior(s), and (taking a shortcut) create a better world? The new media track students took up this challenge and are now
exploring game mechanics for persuasive applications in the Qarma project, looking at e.g. how to model individual’s contributions to groups, even to the extent that they started an experiment in giving out punishment(s) and reward(s) to themselves, in order to improve (their own!) behavior, inspired by what is known as hedonic calculus, loosely related to utility theory. What a wonderful world it would be, if in this way we could stop all students’procrastination(s), so that there would be no need to emphasize, over and over again, the rule(s) of the game(s)!

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