creative technology — it’s all in the game

creative technology — it’s all in the game

Having done with the accreditation, which means we’re in, it is still worthwhile to look back, and see where we are going, to assess what our goals are, and find the direction(s) to move towards that horizon, which somehow always seem to be moving with us. To resolve the tension between the creative and technical talents and aspirations in all of us, we strive for flexibility and unity, and more than before rely on game technology, to develop animations fornanotechnology, and visualisations of support provided by telemedicine.
In a more general fashion, however, game development may be seen as an effective way to support scenario-driven design, and in my opinion the new media track, complementing smart technology, should provide the means with which students can effectively investigate (playful) applications of technology to emulate or support players’ superpowers, where superpowers explicitly include the enrichments that result from innovations in technology.
In a more playful setting, therefore, we will continue our explorations in CA3: have fun and play!, in which the theme will be interactive space(s), using ideas from interaction design, that we hope to extend to the coming Gogbot festival, which is entitled — the singularity is near — commenting on the exponential growth of technology, human body enhancement(s), transhumanism, etcetera, which at the face of it seem to be all suitable topics for the CTSG! However, let me remind you: to reach the moon, looking is not enough.

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observation(s) — (the) process is (part of the) product

observation(s) — (the) process is (part of the) product

after reading the art of innovation and change by design books from IDEO, it became clear to me that we had to improve our process to improve ourpractice(s), that is start using the Smart XP not only as a theatre but also as a studio, and develop a culture of design thinking, in order to meet our promises of solving problems of the future(s), for which we have to use all ourimagination(s) and skill(s). However, as I also learned from the rework book, we must not only go step by step, but, in a way, also learn to scratch our own itch, and promote our work in suitable ways, including interactive spectacle(s)in the Smart XP, an installation of, say, 4x4x2.5, at Gogbot, in the centre of Enschede, 9-11 september 2010, but also by means of twitter(s), and (micro)social network(s), such as the one for the CTSG, which in a way (should) become part of the product we deliver, showing our creativity in  If you wonder what this is all about, check out the common(s) for create.

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project(s) — .CREATE @ GOGBOT

project(s) — .CREATE @ GOGBOT

the creative technology students of the first year will show at GOGBOT 2010, from 9-12 september in Enschede, that resistance is not futile, using a virtual canvas that reflects (real) user actions in (virtual) space. See their description at the GOGBOT site and create @ appspot for more detail(s).

In this way, the students demonstrate that game dynamics may act as a layer on reality, to show us aspects of reality that would otherwise escape our attention.

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panel(s) — .CREATE meets …

panel(s) — .CREATE meets …

With 40 new creative technology students, a panel of experts, consisting of prof. dr. Anton Nijholt, dr. Bert-Jan van Beijnum and dr Andreas Wombacher from EWI, dr Johnny Soraker from the Department of Philosophy, and Chris Haarmeijer from Tetem, a new art space in Enschede, gave their vision(s) on what could potentially be interesting for creative technology in their respective fields of expertise. When discussing the various areas of research in the Human Media Interaction group, such as sensors, smart environments, intelligent agents, multi-modal interfaces, Anton Nijholt expressed his vision that game designers (will be) the architects of the (near) future. This statement could only be confirmed by Bert-Jan van Beijnum, for whom creative technology students developed an interactive visualization of the variousscenarios in U-Care, a clinical decision support system, using Unity game technology. These visions not only align well with my previous statementcreative technology — it’s all in the game, but also with the theme of PICNIC 2010 which emphasizes the role of designers in changing society,
using the phrase designer(s) don’t just dream, they do!
Chris Haarmeijer emphasized the potential role of art, new media and (indeed) games in the well-being of human beings, welcoming experiments with the new technologies as explored by, among others, Andreas Wombacher. Later in the afternoon, one of the students proposed to develop a game for stimulating altruistic behavior, which according to Johnny Soraker is one of the factors that promotes human well-being. Halfway through we create identity, I look forward to the student contribution(s) for their theme(s) & concern(s).

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confession(s) — my wife bought an iPad, and I love it

confession(s) — my wife bought an iPad, and I love it

indeed, my wife bought an iPad, and (also) I love it. But seeing all those iPad lovers around me at PICNIC 2010, I cannot help but think of the fact thatdesigners don’t just dream, they do, and rather stay unplugged, but sinceeverything is intertwinkled, I will (somehow) collect my link(s)!

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project(s) — worst page(s)

project(s) — worst page(s)

As in last year, there was an election of the worst pages, as part of the web technology course, with (again) spectacular results.
The winners are:
(1) Christopher Berg – worst page (best viewed in firefox)
(2) Duuk Baten – worst page
(3) Nick Byerly – worst page
with Chris B. as the clear winner.
For the full list of pages, see the NM1 common(s).
Warning: close any open files before accessing the page(s), some may even crash your computer!

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